Frequently Asked Questions

According to my antivirus software OperaTor contains a trojan/virus.
CNet says OperaTor has been tested spyware free and Softpedia gave OperaTor its 100% Clean award. Major antivirus vendors, like GData, Kaspersky, McAfee and Microsoft, confirm that OperaTor contains no malicious software.
OperaTor does not work. What do I do?
Maybe some other application is using OperaTor's default 8118 and 9050 ports. If so, you have to manually assign a different port for Polipo and/or Tor by modyfing their configuration files - config for Polipo and torrc for Tor. Do not forget to synchronize Opera's and Polipo's settings by going to Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Proxy servers in the Opera browser.
Also, it may be your firewall that is blocking the ports - disable it temporarily and see what happens.
Whenever I close and reopen OperaTor all my pages are lost.
Sessions (which include information about open pages) are not saved by default. You can change this behavior (not recommended) by following these steps:
  • open the OperaTor's tray menu by right-clicking the OperaTor tray icon
  • choose Preferences and then Preserve browsing history
  • open the Opera's Tools menu
  • choose Preferences and on the General tab, under Startup choose Continue from last time
Can I switch to a different IP during the session?
Try the Restart Tor command from the OperaTor's tray menu.
Is it possible to temporarily disable Tor?
Yes, use the Enable Proxy Servers button located on the status bar at the bottom of the window. This will switch OperaTor back to your real IP.
Are IRC/e-mail connections sent through Tor?
No, see the Important information section.
Am I totally anonymous?
No, there is no perfect solution. See So I'm totally anonymous if I use Tor?.
What about OperaTor for Linux/Mac?
I do not plan to release such versions in the nearest future. To install Tor on a Linux or Mac system please follow the Installing Tor on Mac OS X and Installing Tor on Linux/BSD/Unix guides.
How do I upgrade OperaTor to the new version?
Please see the instructions from this comment.
Submitted by archetwist on 29.08.2008, 22:19