Type 'n' shout - keyboard shorcuts

The Type 'n' shout keyboard shortcuts, created with the help of the OneKeyOneHand™ technology, allow you to perform a basic webpage navigation by using only one hand and pressing one key at a time.

The z, x, c and v keys are well known among the foobar2000 enthusiasts. In Type 'n' shout they may be used to stop and reload a page, go back and forward.

The w, s, a and d keys permit user to experience FPP-style hyperlink navigation. With the q key he can 'frag' a link, that is – open it, and with the e key – open the link in background.

Key groups

Near these keys I also placed shortcuts for adding and browsing the bookmarks.

What to do when you get trapped by a text field? To escape it simply hit the (surprise!) Esc-ape key.


Type 'n' shout 4.5, 2011-12-27


You can view the list of available keyboard shortcuts as a simple webpage or install it as a panel. If you prefer the latter, you have to enable the Small screen mode in the panel's View menu.

Changes in the current version

Several changes in the F9-F12 shortcut group (F11 now enters fullscreen and F9 opens the Quick Preferences menu. t shift now opens a new private tab.