Dance 'n' shout - Opera skin

Dance 'n' shout is an elegant, visually pleasing, slate and tangoistic skin for Opera. Recommended for Gnome users. This skin can be tagged2.0 as: user-friendly, pedantic, elegant, colourful, well-formed, slate, clear, melodic.

Dance 'n' shout
Dance 'n' shout

Changes since the last version

  • busy.gif replaced by an animated PNG file
  • Window Document Loading Icon is now animated
  • the skin no longer inherits the look of the Opera Link options button from the standard skin


Dance 'n' shout 2.2, 7.08.08, ~240 KB

Legacy versions

For Opera 9.27 or below use Dance 'n' shout 1.5 (12.06.08, ~260 KB). Non-tangoistic, more breezey version of the skin is named Look 'n' shout.


Dance 'n' shout by Arche Twist is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Based on Breeze II and Breeze Simplified skins by Non-Troppo. Some icons come from the Gnome and Tango projects.

25.07.2008, 23:07

In your original post you

In your original post you referred to dialog or pagebar tabs?

Glad you like the skin.

28.07.2008, 11:47


Sorry if I wasn't clear (english is not my primary language :) I have tried myself to modify the skin but I have no experiences so I can't understand what I'm doing wrong… Here you find a picture of what I'm triyng to achieve.…kin.png.html

Thanks for you replies.

29.07.2008, 05:08

Ah, now I see. Changing this

Ah, now I see. Changing this border is not as trivial as it appears. I'll try to modify it in one of the next versions.

29.12.2007, 13:55

Hi, very nice skin, thanks


very nice skin, thanks for the effort. There's something that bothers me, though, and that's the text becoming bold on hover on the tab bar and personal bar. What do I need to change in the skin.ini to change that?

30.12.2007, 01:19

Text bold

The setting is Text bold = 1 (change the value to 0) and it's located, if I recall correctly, under the [Pagebar Button Skin.hover] and [Link Button Skin.hover] sections.

30.12.2007, 03:23

Thanks very much! :-)

Thanks very much! :-)