Dance 'n' shout - Opera skin

Dance 'n' shout is an elegant, visually pleasing, slate and tangoistic skin for Opera. Recommended for Gnome users. This skin can be tagged2.0 as: user-friendly, pedantic, elegant, colourful, well-formed, slate, clear, melodic.

Dance 'n' shout
Dance 'n' shout

Changes since the last version

  • busy.gif replaced by an animated PNG file
  • Window Document Loading Icon is now animated
  • the skin no longer inherits the look of the Opera Link options button from the standard skin


Dance 'n' shout 2.2, 7.08.08, ~240 KB

Legacy versions

For Opera 9.27 or below use Dance 'n' shout 1.5 (12.06.08, ~260 KB). Non-tangoistic, more breezey version of the skin is named Look 'n' shout.


Dance 'n' shout by Arche Twist is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Based on Breeze II and Breeze Simplified skins by Non-Troppo. Some icons come from the Gnome and Tango projects.

21.04.2010, 23:05

I need a pedantic skin for Opera 10.51

Gracias Dzięki

29.04.2010, 02:34

I think the new default Opera

I think the new default Opera skin is quite pedantic. I like it actually and I don't think I will continue developing any of the „Shout“ skins.

04.03.2010, 23:33

Thank You! This skin is excellent!

Will the new version of Opera 10.5?

Thanks in advance.

09.02.2010, 14:53

I have a favour to ask of you...

Could you, please, refashion Dance ‚n‘ shout for Opera 10.50? Thaks :)

Ralf Suckow
29.10.2009, 12:49

The best style for me

I was not even aware that this style was in effect on my computer, for years. But when I installed Opera on a friends computer I wanted to setup a style as nice, bright but discrete as the one I was used to. Couldn't find one.

Only after returning to my workplace I figured it was this dance__n__shout style that was so great.

Thank you very much!

David S.
26.08.2008, 04:40

Thank You!

This is my favorite Opera skin, use it on all my PC's. Thanks for simple elegance.

26.08.2008, 14:36

S.? Storey? ;)

S.? Storey? ;)

24.07.2008, 17:34

Can tabs be modified...

…such that they have no bottom border? I mean: the selected tab „flood“ into the rest of the widget, like window tab do. That would be also more coherent with the rest of your (wonderful) skin.

25.07.2008, 02:41

I agree that it would be

I agree that it would be somewhat more coherent but what about the shadow around the active tab?

25.07.2008, 10:01

I would go without it...

While the window tabs are „3D“ the ones in Prefs & co look flat, so I wouldn't put any shadow. I was thinking about the way prefs tabs are designed in the skin „D.T.A“ that I also like very much. Anyway: just my 2 cents. Thanks again for your good work.