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Warning: this software is not maintained anymore. Try Operator YAPO, a portable Opera package, or the official Tor bundle.

OperaTor is a portable software bundle which allows you to browse the web anonymously. It combines the power of the Opera Browser, Tor and Polipo.

With OperaTor no data will be stored at the computer you plugged your portable memory into.

Changes in the current release

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Download OperaTor 3.5

OperaTor weights 10 MB and is Windows only. After the download is finished:

  • check its MD5 checksum: 7a288e64811219b0ccc081398632288f *
  • extract the archive to the location of your choice
  • launch the OperaTor.exe file to start all the necessary applications

Please do not link directly to the files. Link to this page instead.


The only protocols which OperaTor anonymizes are HTTP and HTTPS, thus if you want to stay anonymous you should avoid using other Opera features (e.g. Java, JavaScript, Bittorrent, integrated e-mail and IRC clients).

OperaTor comes with absolutely no warranty. It is the user's responsibility to test whether the connection is secure. Users should keep in mind that OperaTor relies on Tor (The Onion Router) and Polipo and any security questions should be directed to their developers.

Troubleshooting and bugs

If you seek support or want to report a bug, please use the Troubleshooting forum. You will find a list of frequently asked questions there, too. Do not post your bug reports on the current page as they will be removed.


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OperaTor is my clear first choice.
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For road warriors - and the truly paranoid - Operator is well worth a test drive.
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Softpedia guarantees that OperaTor is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.
Keep your Web surfing private with this portable, anonymous browser.
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OperaTor has been awarded the Freeware-Tipp 02/2007 by
12.10.2009, 23:23

Yes and no. I've just

Yes and no. I've just released OperaTor 3.4 which includes Opera 10 but you have to keep in mind that the Turbo feature, when enabled, makes unsecure connections to an Opera server.

13.06.2009, 19:15

Hope it doesn't die like torchat

OperaTor and TorChat are my favorite Tor apps. I've always been a big fan, but it seems that OperaTor is getting neglected like TorChat was. Is there any hope that this will continue to be maintained? When spam starts getting posted to the messages without the owner noticing, it's always a bad sign.

12.05.2009, 10:14

How do you temporarily

How do you temporarily disable Tor in V3.3?

16.05.2009, 07:07

I think it's as simple as

I think it's as simple as unchecking „enable proxy servers“, if you have that check box set up to show on one of the tool bars. If you don't, you can uncheck everything in tools > preferences > proxy servers. If you have any other quuestions, just ask again. OperaTor is awesome!

11.05.2009, 07:37

Ok on my PC with XP, but don't in Vista.

OperaTor 3.3 works fine on my PC with XP, but don't works in another PC with Vista. Why? Please help… Thank you and congratulations!

12.05.2009, 19:14

If not use the proxy

If not use the proxy browsing ok, but if you use the proxy (with Tor) no browsing.

22.04.2009, 22:25

When is OperaTor going to be Updated?

Im wondering if this project is dead? The new version of opera is 9.64! and has been out for a wile now!

Or how can we update Operator ourselves?

17.04.2009, 17:15


OperaTor anonymizes HTTP and HTTPS… What about the DNS queries? Does it flow in Tor or is it sent „out“ localy?

02.04.2009, 12:51

Download limit ?

When I download files from File Servers like Rapidshare, Easyshare, etc., the downloads stops at 24MB i.e, it doesnot allow to download files greater than 24MB. Whats the reason? Please help to fix the problem.

12.02.2009, 17:49

/!\ WARNING /!\ -- This product is (currently) NOT SECURE AT ALL

The current version of OperaTor ships with Opera's „Enable fraud protection“ option turned on by default (in Preferences, Advanced, Security.)


It is easily shown using a network analyzer software, such as Wireshark (which is the first thing I did after installing OperaTor.) It's probably been like this for a long time, if not for ever. This single bug renders the whole OperaTor pointless, as Opera BROADCASTS THE SITES YOU VISIT to your ISP, employer, or anybody else in your local network.

This shows several things:

  1. Never take your online security for granted, double-check everything by yourself; if you can't, because it's not your field of expertise, then:
  2. Avoid using proprietary software like Opera, because you CANNOT know what they do; and
  3. Use only security packages sanctioned by known security experts, such as the pre-configured portable browsers you can download from Tor's homepage­. Also,
  4. The developer of OperaTor didn't even think of running a network analyzer, not even once (no offense meant) so there are probably other security shortcomings in this package.

I advice every OperaTor user to switch to another security software RIGHT NOW and cross their fingers in the hope their past activities were not detected.