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Look 'n' shout - Breezey Opera skin

Look 'n' shout is an elegant, visually pleasing and not-so-screen-efficient breezey skin for Opera.

Look 'n' shout 3
Look 'n' shout 3

This skin can be tagged2.0 as: consistent, user-friendly, pedantic, elegant, subtle, well-formed, bulletproof, slate, clear.

It has the MadeWithMagnifyingGlassInHand® certificate. And it is not just a slogan - screen magnifier was really helpful. Attention to detail is a priority.

Changes since last version

  • slightly different look of the pagebar


Look 'n' shout 3.6, 29.03.07, 192 KB

Dance 'n' shout

New! A tangoistic version (with Tango icons) is available under the name Dance 'n' shout. Recommended for Gnome users.

Alternative bottom pagebar

By default pagebar has a different look when placed at the bottom rather than at the top. To make it look similar in both placements add the following lines to the skin.ini file: alternative bottom pagebar.


Look 'n' shout by Arche Twist is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Based on Breeze II and Breeze Simplified skins by Non-Troppo. Some icons come from the Tango and JAJC projects.


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